Ms. Melanie

Many people search for years to figure out what they want to be when they grow up and never find their niche.  It took me 12 years after graduating from college to figure out that caring for children, families, and our staff is what I do.

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Ms. Jen

I have gone through many hobbies in my lifetime but finally found my passion.  I love seeing all the children learn something new each and every day! 

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Ms. Jennifer
Assistant Director

I really enjoy my TLV because it is amazing to watch the children grow and discover new things. I love TLV because it’s like a family here.


Ms. Lauren
Preschool Teacher

I love TLV because we are like one big family! I love working in preschool because I love watching each child grow and creating a relationship with them! 


Ms. Mariah
Preschool Teacher

I love being apart of the TLV family. They have all welcomed me and truly work as a team. I also enjoy being in Preschool and being able to make an impact on the children’s lives. The growth from three years old to four years old is a true blessing to see


Ms. Paige
School Age Teacher

I love my classroom at TLV because each day brings new experiences and learning opportunities for both me and the children!


Ms. Alyssa
Infant Teacher

I like that everyone at TLV is very kind and welcoming and they all know who the kids are and work together


Ms. Rebecca

The Learning Village has something to offer every child.  The atmosphere is very welcoming towards all of the children, families, and staff.  I really enjoy getting to build a genuine connection with each of the children.


Ms. Bella

I love TLV because we are a family. We create a safe and loving environment for everyone involved. I love working with all of my colleagues. The children bring joy to me every single day. I am so excited to be a part of this family.


Ms. Deb
Pre-K Teacher

I feel lucky that I get to work with this age group.  I love being able to guide them, encourage them, laugh with them, and watch them develop as individuals.  It makes my job so rewarding.


Ms. Becky
Young Toddler Teacher

  I love working in the young toddler room because they are so sweet and they are learning their personalities. I love to watch them learn and grow.


Ms. Amanda
Older Toddler Teacher

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Ms. Gabby
Pre-K Teacher

I  love working with children because it is a new adventure everyday.

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Ms. Julia

I love getting to know all of their personalities and helping them grow into better people!


Ms. Rae
Infant Teacher

I love working in the infant room at the learning village because I get to witness so many of the child’s first things like walking and talking. We also get to do some of their first crafts with them and seeing the faces of the parents when they get the crafts and we tell them how their child’s day went is one of the most rewarding parts of my job!


Ms. Kristy
Transition Room Teacher

I love teaching young children because they are so joyful and energetic/ Together, we can build a special classroom full of love, learning and positivity!