Pre-K Room

At The Learning Village, we prepare our PreK students for the next chapter of their lives, kindergarten.  We teach them and help them grow academically, emotionally, and socially.  With our main focus being education, we are sure to balance academic learning with learning through play.  We use the Creative Curriculum as our base and adapt it as needed to go along with our theme for the week.  Creative Curriculum allows us to adapt as needed based on the students needs and interests.  Our teachers are sure to work on all skills needed for kindergarten, including letters and their sounds, sight words, and numbers.  We touch on all the math, language and science subjects.  We also practice learning through play.  This allows our children to use their imagination, teaches cooperation and team work with peers, and helps to develop both fine and gross motor skills.  When children are given the chance to play, they are given an opportunity to learn without even realizing it.  Though learning these skills are important, we also teach our children self help skills and acceptable social practices.  They learn the difference between right and wrong, basic manners, and a sense of identity.  When our students leave our program, they are confident, respectful children who are ready to tackle kindergarten.  We are different from other preschool programs because of the level of quality, nurturing care we provide.  We recognize each child for who they are, and prepare them to be the best version of themselves. 

TLV I Saxonburg