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Saxonburg Rates

  • Families are eligible for one week of vacation per year.  The vacation credit is 50% off tuition for the week.

  • Returned checks will be charged a $45 fee.

  • We have a two-day minimum that your child must attend.

  • The sibling discount (10% off) will be applied to the oldest sibling in attendance at the Center.  

  • The military discount (10% off) will be applied once shown military I.D.

  • Effective June 6, 2022, any family who receives assistance for childcare through the state will be responsible for the family copay and for paying the difference between our subsidy payment from the state and our private pay rates.

  • Our out for Summer fee will hold the classroom spot for your child while you pull them out of the center for the summer months.

  • Our registration fee is $100 per child (non refundable), to hold your child's given start date. If you choose for your child's start date to change, a new $100 registration fee must be paid for the new start date.

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