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Our Rooms

The Learning Village is a family owned and operated state licensed childcare facility that provides invaluable care and early childhood education in a nurturing, creative and positive setting.  Our facility is licensed for infants (6 weeks) through preschool (5 years).   In addition, we are the only facility in our area that provides a nutritious and delicious breakfast, morning snack, and afternoon snack to all children.

• Infant Room
Infants need an environment that is interesting to explore, safe, and filled with people who will respond to their emotional and intellectual needs. Each child will have a structured program to enhance their fine and gross motor skills and overall development. With this in mind, their day will be filled with singing, rocking, talking, reading, and lots of love.


• Young Toddler Room
Young Toddlers are all about experimenting, playing, and exploring new ways to express themselves. They begin to develop coordination, language, imagination, and social skills. Our toddler program strives to promote the growth of the whole child; emotionally, intellectually, physically, and socially. This program is a perfect balance between the nurturing care received as infants and the introduction to the structure that they will receive as they get older. Our outside playground is separate from the older children and has an age-appropriate swing set and toys to work on their emerging gross motor skills. The Young Toddler Room also uses our Center-wide curriculum to incorporate fun songs and crafts into the week.


• Older Toddler Room
Older Toddlers have amazing energy and an eagerness to try new things. It is a time of developing independence; the beginning of “I can do it” and “I don’t need help.” Our program is hands-on and makes it fun and exciting to learn. Our Center-wide curriculum includes weekly themes for fun crafts, songs, and learning. This room begins a more structured circle-time which will include singing, reading, and color and shape recognition. The teachers take an active approach to potty-training and encourage the children based on their individual needs.


• Preschool Room
Preschool is a great place for the “emerging reader.” This room focuses on letter recognition, letter sounds, and the beginning steps for handwriting. The children “sign in” everyday to practice and build their confidence in their writing skills. The circle-time in Preschool consists of letter of the week, show-and-tell, theme-related stories, and songs. This room also uses our Center-wide curriculum to incorporate fun crafts, songs, and stories into the day. The room is divided into structured learning centers in order for the children to learn self-reliance. Our Centers include: Dramatic Play, Transportation & Blocks, Art, Math, Science & Discovery, Music, Puzzles, Quiet Area, and Table Toys. The outside playground provides children the opportunity to work on gross motor skills with our balance beam, monkey bars, climbing gym, and swings.


• Pre-K Room
Pre-K is all about getting ready for Kindergarten. The children will learn sight words, practice printing, and begin weekly reading groups. The children also have to “sign in” everyday in order to practice their handwriting skills. The room is divided into structured learning centers for the children to problem solve and gain confidence playing independently. The children are able to express themselves through music and art. Periodically, the students will study new artists, examine their work, and have fun imitating their style. You can always find the Pre-K students using all of their 5 senses, either by taste-testing apples at circle time, smelling and exploring pine cones in the “Science & Discovery” area, listening to Mozart in our “Music” area, or watching a butterfly emerge from its chrysalis.


• School Age Room
Our School-Age room is divided into educational centers, such as Art, Math, Reading, Dramatic Play, Transportation & Blocks, and Table Toys so the children can free play before and after school. The teachers also provide educational activities suited for each grade level. For our half-day kindergarten children, our teachers are reinforcing and enriching what they are learning in school. Homework assistance is available, per parent request.

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